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Uncommon: Malta + Gozo


Uncommon: Malta + GozoMaltese Journalist Emma Mattei together with all other contributors has very recently launched “Uncommon”, an uncommon guide to the Islands of Malta and Gozo that Babelmed English recommends.

The Economic & Social Crisis in the eyes of Mediterranean writers and poets


xmallet_110The Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival was held from the 30th of August to the 1st of September. Entitled “Dieta kontra l-Kri?i” (Crisis Fare), this year’s edition focused on the economic and social crisis with an allusion to the easy discourse about the Mediterranean diet. Babelmed is publishing a series of interviews that the TV guide of the Times of Malta held with some of the festival’s participants coming from different Euro-Mediterranean countries questioning mainly the role of a writer in a crisis.

Stories from the sea


sea_110The sea is never too far and this ever-present force has shaped much of our history and culture. Rachel Agius (Times of Malta) talks to Jimmy Grima, artistic director of The Rubberbodies Collective in Malta, about the way the sea inspired its upcoming Malta Arts Festival performance.