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“Traffic Island”


“Traffic Island”In the last decade Malta has seen an influx of boat people making ‘immigration’ one of the hottest debatable issues on the streets. Racism is on the increase and local politicians have shown little political will to facilitate the migrants’ integration within the local society.

Uncommon: Malta + Gozo


Uncommon: Malta + GozoMaltese Journalist Emma Mattei together with all other contributors has very recently launched “Uncommon”, an uncommon guide to the Islands of Malta and Gozo that Babelmed English recommends.

Caught in a Dirty Business


Caught in a Dirty BusinessThis year’s edition of the Taste the World fair trade festival to be held on Saturday, 9th December at St. James Cavalier in Valletta, will focus on the injustices that plague the cotton and textile industry in general and urge consumers in Malta to voice their concern and choose those products that respect workers and the natural environment.