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Seagulls at the Malta Migration Museum


malta_grima_110bkBook launch of Adrian Grima’s poems translated into French.

On Friday, 30th November at the Malta Migration Museum, in Valletta, the Fondation de Malte is launching a book of poems in Maltese by Adrian Grima.

Wind from the South, poetry on climate change


Wind from the South, poetry on climate changeAlternating their poetry with prose contributions from fellow members of civil society, Grima and Mifsud (2 Maltese poets) consolidate their faith in the power of literature in a seminal volume carrying contemporary Maltese verse at once beyond and closer to home.

Maltese Colours


Maltese ColoursMarco Brown, whose mother is Maltese, was born in the UK in 1969. From a very early age he was exposed to a cosmopolitan atmosphere and was already speaking his first words of French by 5years old. He had already lived in 6 countries when 3 years ago he came to Malta to find his roots. His colourful paintings stem from his dreamed landscapes of the Mediterranean and a personal interpretation of Mythology.