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Not in my country, Joe Sacco


Not in my country,  Joe SaccoThe well-known Maltese journalist and cartoonist, Joe Sacco has just published his graphic novel entitled Not in my country dealing with immigration issues in Malta.

Opportunities are elsewhere


Opportunities are elsewhereWork and money seem to be the number one preoccupation of most of the Maltese between twenty to thirty years of age. Subsistence, precarious employment and living up to one’s expectations are however only part of the complexities which define youths in present day Malta. Relationships, single-parenthood, immigration and education are still very much on the agenda.

Male Nostrum: Malta and Immigration in the EU


Male Nostrum: Malta and Immigration in the EUNow that it is a member of an economic and political powerhouse, Malta should be in a better position to actively lobby the EU to push for reforms in vital areas such as access to European markets for products from the poorer South and measures that ensure its sustainable development. This sounds idealistic, and that is precisely what it is – but wasn’t joining the EU all about ideals? Or was it about expecting others to do for us what we are not ready to do for them? Is Malta now better placed to have a bigger say in the issues that affect the lives of the majority of the people of the world? Do we care?