5th Edition of the Malta Arts Festival





5th Edition of the Malta Arts FestivalThe 5th Edition of the Malta Arts Festival organised by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts (MCCA) is running between the 1st and the 23rd of July 2010. This years’ programme is offering diverse artistic event ranging from music to theatre, dance to visual arts. Its main aim is to make the Arts accessible to as large an audience as possible.
More than 250 Maltese and foreign artists will be presented during these three weeks of scheduled artistic events that will be taking place in different venues in Malta.
The Festival kicks off on the 1st of July with The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of world-renowned conductor Wayne Marshall.
A new idea is being introduced this year under the name SPACESIspazi. Artists are assigned disused buildings, transforming them temporarily into creative spaces. The project is curated by Lisa Gwen Baldacchino and will take place in Strait Street in Valletta.
The programme aims at highlighting Maltese identity within a wider Mediterranean and European context as well as promoting diversity in order to ensure development of the arts scene.

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