Beirut. War Memories, Peace Dreams

  Beirut. War Memories, Peace Dreams

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Lebanon: Awareness campaign on sectarianism


Lebanon: Awareness campaign on sectarianismAmam, a group of democratic, independent, Lebanese women & men from the civil society met spontaneously following the February 14th national tragedy. They are now launching a campaign against sectarianism in Lebanon. It focuses on the ridiculous/harmful side of sectarianism/confessionalism and its excesses in Lebanese every day life. Let’s “laugh and think” then…

Samir Kassir: He had dared to speak


Samir Kassir: He had dared to speakHe dared to say the Syrian regime was playing its own future in Lebanon. He dared to say Syria was trafficking in the country of the cedars. He dared to criticise the "Lebanese police state" He dared to say and write about the Lebanese people democratic aspirations He payed it with this life.