Beirut: The 7th Wave


Dancers are invited to audition for a new dance performance created by Marie Brolin-Tani. It will be presented in Beirut, Amman and Copenhagen during April and May 2008.

“I have a great desire for the creativity and the special dance qualities the Middle-East dancers has given to me. The fantastic music and the mix between new and traditionnal Arabic music and culture inspires me in the meeting with the Nordic nature and light.”
Marie Brolin-Tani

Who can join ?
All dancers, between 18-30 years old, that have an interest in Contemporary dance and in the meeting with others and who like to share their experiences and cultural background, are welcome to participate.


Beirut: The 7th Wave



When ?
3rd and 4th of March from 18h00 to 21h00 at MT Dance Space, Hamra

Rehearsals and Performances ?
Selected dancers will be working in Beirut from the 5th of April until the premiere on the 25th, 26th and 27th of April at BIPOD – Beirut International Platform of Dance”. The group will then perform on the 1st of May at the “Amman international Dance Festival”.
Towards the end of May, the project will finish in Danemark with workshops and performances.



For registration and more information :
Please contact MT dance space, Harra
Tel : 01-343634

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