«Takween», Beirut contemporary Dance School


«Takween», Beirut contemporary Dance SchoolTakween is an intensive training program for dancers and choregraphers who wants to pursue a professional career in contemporary dance. This full-time intensive training program will be offered over a period of three months at Maqamat Studio in Beirut, Lebanon.

Interested applicants should have a good level and knowledge of contemporary dance and are available from 1st of August until the end of October 2009.

Applicants can apply for a Full Scholarship that will cover their international travel, accommodation and living expenses in Beirut.

For more information about Takween , and in order to receive your Application form, please send an email with the subject “Takween” to onfo@maqamat.org before the 20th of June 2009

For more information about Maqamat , please visit www.maqamat.org



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