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On June the 2nd 2005, Samir Kassir, was assassinated in Beirut. Professor of history, writer and journalist, he was born to a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother. Prominent left-wing activist, he was a strong advocate of freedom for the Palestinians, democracy in Lebanon and Syria and a vocal critic of the Syrian presence in Lebanon.
Four years after his death, the Samir Kassir Foundation is presenting the Beirut Spring Festival, dedicated to his memory.
Beirut Spring Festival

• Theater : Poets have disappeared from life on earth ( Greece )
Production: “Dipethe” of Agrinion Company with Katia Gerou – Piano: Spyridon Papatheodorou
June 17th- 21:00pm
Babel Theater- Hamra

• Installation – Multimedia- show: "The Bubble" (Tunisia)
Raja Ben Ammar and the Phou Theater Group
June 18th - 21:00 pm
The Bubble-Dôme- Down Town

•Opera:Piano-Singing recital "When the Orient inspires the French opera…"( France)
Baritone: Rémi Van Sam
Piano: Mahkame Navabi
June 19th - 21:00pm
Assembly Hall- AUB

•Conference- dance show "The assassination of Omar Rajeh"( Lebanon )
Omar Rajeh - Maqamat Theater Dance- Speaker: Hazem Saghieh
June 20th – 21:00
The Roman Baths- Downtown Beirut

• HIP HOP Show -"The Narcicyst"- Montreal- UAE
Yassin Al Salman and «The Fridge » group
June 21th – 21:00
Samir Kassir Garden

• Round table organized with IFPO on the occasion of the publication of Sandra Iché’s book: L'Orient Express - Cahiers de l’IFPO n°3, 2009
Moderator: Médéa Azouri Habib
Participating editorialists: Chérif Majdalani, Jabbour, Doueihy, Omar Boustany, Nada Chaoul
June 22 nd -18 :00pm
Salle Montaigne- Mission Culturelle Française
Beirut Spring Festival
Free entrance for all events
Reservation and information: Virgin Megastore: 00961(0)1 999 666
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