«Behind The Doors», Beirut

«Behind The Doors», BeirutThe Photograph exhibition “Behind The Doors – Through the eyes of women survivors of violence” is organised by KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation and the Embassy of Italy – Italian Cooperation Office as an activity part of the 16 days campaign of Activism against gender violence.
Date: From Thursday 3rd to Wednesday 9th of December, 2009
Venue: Exhibition Space of the Ministry of Tourism, Hamra, Beirut

This exhibition results from a 3-month workshop for ten women survivors of violence directed by the Lebanese photographer Dalia Khemissi. “These women had a message to share, a story to tell…” Dalia says.
Interested in refugees, social and human rights cases, Dalia Khemissi took photos in Iraq while on a humanitarian mission. She documented the life of refugees stranded on the border of Jordan-Iraq summer-fall 2004. She has also worked on the aftermath of the summer-long war in Lebanon (2007) and the Lebanese community.

“These photographs may represent a visual framework of the pain that few women went through over many years and of a suffering that remained absent from the social awareness and buried in the maze of the privacies of the families and the social taboos. However those photos embody a different form of resistance. It is a resistance to the male power and to the rule of some tyrants empowered by the patriarchal system…An almost unrestricted control over the destiny of their wives, daughters, sisters…
This is a salute to the women who decided to revolt against what others consider an inevitable fate and unchangeable reality despite the fact that their resistance is still unrecognized, unprotected and unsupported…”
Zoya Rouhana (Director of KAFA (Enough) Violence & Exploitation).


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