Amman: Hakaya Annual Festival


Hakaya Annual Festival will be held at Al Balad Theatre, Amman from 12-16 January 2008 as a joint project between the Arab Education Forum and Al Balad Theatre.


Amman: Hakaya Annual Festival
Saleh Souii


Hakaya Festival is part of a wider project focusing on Stories and their centrality in learning, art, and life. The project "Hakaya" is a culmination of several years of cooperation and dialogue amongst various individuals and groups in the Arab world and Mediterranean regarding the centrality of “stories” in individual development, and cultural growth. This project brings together artists, oral historians, story-tellers, and educators in a network, residencies, workshops, and a festival which will present “story-telling” in its various forms and show how it enriches the theatre, the arts, and is crucial to the development of literacy and the formation of identity and inter-cultural dialogue. The partners in the first phase are: The Arab Education Forum, The Al Balad theatre (Jordan), The Arab Theatre Training Center (Lebanon), L'echangeur (France), and MS (Denmark).
The Hakaya Festival will feature performances, film screenings, meetings and workshops with participating artists from Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Denmark, and France.
The vision of this project is to view reading, writing, and literacy as tools that develop the inner world of individuals and to look at "stories" as the “threads” that weave the social and cultural fabric amongst people in the Arab world and with the world at large. Instead of viewing reading, writing, and literacy as tools that connect the mind with the text, we look at them as means to connect the mind with life. “Reading life” instead of letters and words is the over-arching vision of the project.

In conclusion of the first stage of this project which was launched in November 2006, the second Hakaya meeting will be held in collaboration with the Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups in Alexandria on 8 and 9 February 2008. This meeting will include "As'hab Hakaya," which is the consultative group for this project, as well as a number of interested parties from the Mediterranean to reflect on the first stage and the collaborative work towards designing the future stages.


Suad Nofal

Amman: Hakaya Annual Festival For more infos: ,
which also includes the database on "storytellers without frontiers" in the Mediterranean that is still under construction.
The festival is held under the patronage of Greater Amman Municipality, the Royal Film Commission and the French cultural Center in Amman.

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