Ethereal bodies

Ethereal bodiesAdam’s paintings are peopled by humans with hideous, deformed, grotesque forms, giving a morbidly jarring impression. “My subjects are born out of imagination but they have a basis in reality,” he points out. “That basis”, he says, springs from Adam and Eve and their fall from grace after eating the apple… Since then, humanity’s tale has been filled with mistakes, and my paintings are the expression of this dark side of human beings.” The self-taught artist claims his paintings are meant to be a mirror, reflecting the inner beast in our nature, the touch of evil we all have. “But”, he hastens to add, “though” (my) subjects are dark creatures, they are harmless ; in fact, they are solitary, lonely figures, filled with pain.”

Lama Hourani’s timeless, evocative jewellery draws extensively from the abundant natural bounty and rich cultural landscape of Jordan. Each of her collections are imbued with the traditions and civilizations of the past, which are recast as stunning amulets for the future celebrating both our shared heritage and modern diversity. Inspired from the old primitive etchings and drawings ; adorning walls and caves through out Jordan’s Desert and rich archeological relics. Recalling many locations around the world with similar drawings ; of a similar life and daily practices which was way before languages ethnicities and religions. Those symbols are familiar, explicable and they become a way of communication that bears free self-expression, peace and unity.

Hourani will also be giving lectures at Northwood Temporary Contemporary Art Museum on the following:
- A children's course on Middle Eastern Art and Jewellery, where children will draw art works inspired by her course and the exhibition.
- A women course on Art and Jewellery from the Middle East.
- An intensive jewellery course for the children of EG3 organization; which is the organization that initiated Northwood Temporary Contemporary Art Museum.
Lama Hourani will later tour the art galleries, museums and show rooms in San Diego, and Los Angles.

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