3rd Edition of the Hakaya Festival, Amman


3rd Edition of the Hakaya Festival, AmmanAl Balad Theatre launches the 3rd Edition of the Hakaya Festival that will take place in Amman, Jordan between the 3rd and 9th of May 2010 . The festival is organised in collaboration with the Arab Education Forum, the Arab Theatre Training Centre and other partner organizations from around the Mediterranean, supported by the European Commission – ENPI program.

This year’s activities will include:
- Performances by professional and young storytellers: Theatre and storytelling performances in theatres and public spaces in Amman and other Jordanian cities;
- Hakaya Meetings: Various seminars on the art of storytelling and the synergies that can be developed in literature, arts, and education;
- Hakaya Cinema: Screenings of documentary and narrative films that portray personal stories or are built on collective narratives;
- Specialised Workshops: workshops and residencies facilitated by professional trainers/storytellers and artists. Details of these workshops as well as a call for applications for interested participants will be sent out in the coming month.


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