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New Design for Babelmed.netWe’ve been working hard these last months to reshape Babelmed’s website design. It should be much more functional, have an extremely efficient archives’ system and new multimedia capabilities. We very much hope that you’ll appreciate these ultimate changes….Please feel free to send your comments about it. In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenient you may encounter! We are still working on it.



A special thank you to our web designers, the team of Xaos Systems for their availability patience and professionalism. They helped us immensely during this process.

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2016: il giubileo nero degli “zingari” | babelmed | cultura mediterraneaThe July 21 Association launched an international appeal called #PeccatoCapitale (cardinal sin) to ask the City of Rome for a moratorium on forced evictions of informal settlements in the city. The operations have tripled since Pope Bergoglio announced the Extraordinary Holy Year.

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