by Alberto Muciaccia

by Alberto Muciaccia

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The Sinti of Prato welcome refugees


sinti prato 110"We have always fought for equality, to combat xenophobia and for the right to a dignified life for all. As citizens of Italy and Prato (which we are), as Europeans and as Sinti, we can not continue to look with indifference to what is happening", says the president of the comunity, Ernesto Grandini.

Taormina Film Fest


Taormina Film FestThe Taormina Film Fest in Sicily, Italy's premier summer festival, celebrates its 55th anniversary from June 13 to 20, 2009 with a new name and a radical change of direction.

Foreign minors given 'passport' for rights


passport 110Children's rights authority starts distribution of a “welcome kit” to children and teens right after they arrive in Italy.