International conference : Human Rights and Intercultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean



March 27-29 2008, University Campus “Coste Sant’Agostino”, Teramo, Law Faculty

The International Conference takes place on two significant and convergent dates: the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Union "Euro-Mediterranean Year for Intercultural Dialogue".
The purpose of the Conference is to explore the reception of the Universal Declaration in the philosophical and juridical traditions of the Mediterranean countries, as well as their significance in the promotion of intercultural, interreligious and political dialogue.
The University of Teramo is a member of the "Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the dialogueamongst cultures" and the Conference is part of the "1001 actions for dialogue" international campaign launched by the Foundation in 2008. The Conference is also amongst the initiatives of "MOSAICO.
“Melting the Colours of Europe" a project coordinated by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs.




Organization by
The Human Rights Chair
Gianluca Sadun Bordoni
+39 (0)861 266392 -
Scientific Committee
Paola Bernardini
fax +39 (0)861 266309



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