“Meeting the other : borders, identities and cultures”



“Meeting the other : borders, identities and cultures”Meeting the other: borders, identities and cultures is one of the 6 project selected at European level in the framework of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 . Lead by Babelmed, the project will give visibility to cultural and artistic expressions from migrant origins in Europe.

“Meeting the other: borders, identities and cultures” will launch a reflection on intercultural dialogue and multiculturalism, through the glance of Migrant cultural expressions and artistic creations. This multidisciplinary project will cover several areas including journalism, research and design.

Through articles posted online on several existing websites (Babelmed, IEMed , IRFAM , Paralleli , Qantara.de ), the project will give greater visibility to the cultural expressions and artistic designs from migrant communities. A decentralised committee of young, European and local journalists will be created to write articles and cover a wide range of issues on intercultural dialogue which will then be made available to the public.

The project will also hold activities to stimulate reflection (seminars, meetings, roundtables), and the content produced on dialogue and cultural diversity in Europe will be conveyed to the public (reviews, publications, websites: Lettera Internazionale , Pensée de Midi , Irfam, Afkar, Babelmed).



“Meeting the other : borders, identities and cultures”
Piazza Vittorio Orchestra


The creative component of the project will be implemented through a creative forum for young European artists of the performing arts organised by Astragali Teatro . It will include the production of a performance, a series of documentaries on “memory, migration and intercultural dialogue” by CMCA , and the creation of a virtual festival on intercultural dialogue. This Internet-based festival will be a virtual showcase to give added visibility to young artists and journalists.

The first step of the project is the kick-off meeting of the 27-28th of March 2008 in Turin. Organised by the Paralleli Institute, it will be the theatre of a round table putting together all the partners of the project and lead by Stefanella Campana about « The representation of the other in italians and Europeans’ medias”.
On the 27th of March, an picture exhibition will be held at the Cinema King Kong Microplex, via Po 21, untitled “The Penelope’s Journey” by Andrea Pogliano and Riccardo Zanini. From 6 p.m. several documentaries from the CMCA’s 2007 prize list will be shown in this cinema. The next day, the show will continue in the main office of the Rai from 3.30 p.m. with three other films.
Turin, 28th march 2008, Rai radio and television museum, via Verdi 16.

Meeting the audience


“Meeting the other : borders, identities and cultures”
Welcome Europa


9.15 a.m . : “Meeting the other : borders, identities and cultures” Project launching. In this occasion, the European alternatives medias involved -Lettera Internazionale, Babelmed.net, Qantara.de, Afkar (IeMed)- and also the CMCA and the Irfam will share their experience with us.

11.45 p.m. : Round table “The representation of the other in Italian and European’s medias”.
Participants : Marinella Belluati (University of Turin), Emilio Casalini (Rai, co-author of “Un mondo a colori”), Michelangelo Conoscenti (University of Turin), Esoh Elamé (University Ca’ Foscari, Venice), Laura Guglielmi (Mente Locale, “Il Secolo XIX”, Gênes), Maria Teresa Martinengo (La Stampa), Andrea Pogliano (Publisher of a research on pictures from the eighties to today : “Lo sguardo sull’altro”), Ibrahem Amir Younes (director of PopoliNews).


For more information :
“Meeting the other : borders, identities and cultures”Associazione culturale Babelmed
Via di Sant'Agnese 12
00198 Rome
Tel: +39/06 8632 8178
Email: info@babelmed.net

“Meeting the other : borders, identities and cultures” Paralleli – Istituto Euromediterraneo del Nord Ovest
Via Conte Verde 9
10122 Turin
Tel: +39/01 1522 9825
Email: info@paralleli.org

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