Termoli: Two shores, One sea

The two shores (due sponde) of the Adriatic sea have always represented the confrontation between the occidental and oriental civilizations. The Italian shore on one side, with its history so strongly European. The oriental shore on the other side, rich of history, culture, diversity and creativity.
Termoli: Two shores, One sea
The Adriatic Sea has permitted the encounter and the exchange of ideas, cultures and different traditions of great appealing. The countries facing the Adriatic, the Balkan region and also other cultures that have always been present such as the Greek and the Turkish, can talk and interact in order to develop together a concept of “Adriatic culture”.

Due Sponde un Mare Festival started in Termoli in 2004 with the intention of presenting the new artistic creativity of the Adriatic Sea, creating a cultural bridge between the two banks and making the Adriatic Sea a melting pot of ideas and creativity.

The third edition of the festival, running from April 25 to May 4 2008, is presented by the Italian cultural organization Note fatte a mano in collaboration with the Municipality of Termoli.

A very rich program is offered with special guests such as Serbian international cartoonist Zograf, Croatian contemporary dancer Tihana Jovanic, albanian ethno/jazz accordionist Admir Shkurtaj, folk band Maxmaber Orkestar from Italy and Bosnia, the expert of balkan literature Daniele Giancane, the Greek sculpture Dimitrios Galiatsatos.

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