Kairos at the Biennial of Young Artists


Kairos at the Biennial of Young ArtistsThe Biennial is a multidisciplinary event that shows creations going from music to visual arts, from theatre to video, from the applied arts to literature, up to gastronomy: a multiform vision, with no barriers between the artistic disciplines which favours mutual contaminations between artists and that has a strong impact on the audience.

The XIIIth edition of the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean will take place in Regione Puglia (Italy) from the 22nd to the 31st of May 2008. Its theme «KAIROS: our creative diversity», where the Greek word Kairos indicates the time when the change is possible.

For the first time the Biennial will see the participation of 900 artists, aged from 18 to 30 years old, coming from 48 European and Mediterranean countries, whose works will be shown all over the region, developing a reticular shape.

Regione Puglia, hybrid land for definition, will be invaded by different cultures and languages, expressed through more than two thousand exhibited works and hundreds of music and theatrical shows, performances, fashion shows, literary readings that will live up the territory of Regione Puglia during ten days.

Born to stimulate within the young people of the Euro Mediterranean basin, both artists and audience, a new attention toward the world of the art, this year the Biennial will be adopted by a Puglia that is more and more aware of its role as a Europe's gate toward the Middle East and the Balkans. The aim is to set off creativity as a vehicle of intercultural dialogue.

No wonder the privileged container of the event will be the Fiera del Levante of Bari, space since ever delegated to cultural and financial exchanges with the rest of the world. On this occasion it will turn itself into a real “Citadel of creativity”, a huge market of the young Euro Mediterranean creativity, where art and market will meet each other.

Kairos at the Biennial of Young ArtistsIn these village of the creativity two pavilions of about 10 thousand square metres will be fitted to host the exhibitions of Visual Arts, Applied Arts; two 300 seats theatres and two concert halls will host theatre and dance shows. There will also be another space dedicated to prose and poetry readings and performances, eventually two projection rooms for the Images section, where short-movies will be shown.

A Meeting point will be fitted out and it will represent the main place where young artists will be able to get in contact with each other and especially with national and international art critics and cultural operators. This edition will testify a huge opening toward the near Balkans, with a prologue in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), which is the symbol of the dialogue and of the coexistence, and a sequel in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, that in 2009 will give hospitality to the XIV Edition of the Biennial.

Once again the Biennial will promote the intercultural encounter and dialogue using culture and art languages as the medium, in which is the most important rendezvous of the emerging creativity within the Mediterranean and, at the same time, confirming itself as a huge happening of young talents. On the grounds of the previous editions 250.000 people are expected to attend.



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