The Gates of the Mediterranean




During the twentieth century, the Mediterranean has been criss-crossed like an eventfully open gateway for masses of fleeing refugees; and it has often been a gateway that has been obtusely closed in the name of ethnic, social and religious differences, or as ever more impassable economic barriers are raised between the first world and the third. From this standpoint, the Mediterranean is not a geographic region (indeed, an art of the Mediterranean area has never existed, and never will) but is rather a metaphor or a problematic proposal whereby to reconsider human relations and ongoing cultural and social exchanges at all levels.

The Gates of the MediterraneanThe heart of the initiative will be a great art exhibition, set up in two exhibition areas in Rivoli (Italy). One part will be a historical section at Casa del Conte Verde. Here, through paintings, engravings, drawings and photographs, the relations between Piedmont and the Mediterranean will be reconstructed, together with Piedmont’s passion for the Mediterranean as a crossroads of culture and the cradle of civilisation. This passion has permeated the lives of numerous Piedmontese scholars, archaeologists and travellers. The other part will be a contemporary section at Palazzo Piozzo, which will involve 17 visual and multimedia artists, who have taken the Mediterranean as their theme, their vocation and their project.

The Gates of the MediterraneanThe artists who will exhibit are: Khaled Hafez (Cairo), Mounir Fatmi (Tangiers/Paris), Mounira Al Solh (Beirut/Amsterdam), Tsibi Geva (Tel Aviv), Agnese Purgatorio (Bari), Sonia Balassanian (Yerevan/New York), Cristina Lucas (Madrid), Mrdjan Bajic (Belgrade), Burak Delier (Istanbul), Djamel Kokene (Algiers/Paris/Cairo), Ursula Biemann (Zurich), Armin Linke (Milan), Steve Sabella (Jerusalem/London), Nabil Boutros (Cairo/Paris), Stefano Cerio (Milan/Paris), Hala El Koussy (Cairo/Amsterdam), Tarin Gartner (Milan/Jerusalem).

Alongside the artistic events, The Gates of Mediterranean will also see in Turin three conferences dedicated to spirituality, and in particular to a dialogue among the three great monotheist traditions that co-exist on the shores of the Mediterranean: the Hebrew, the Christian and the Muslim traditions. Among guests will be Padre Paolo from Oglio (Mar Moussa – Syria), and contacts are under way with authoritative representatives of Hebrew and Islamic spirituality.

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