«Persae»: Perdus, Persi, Losts

«Persae»: Perdus, Persi, LostsA new stage for Astràgali Teatro in the construction of the itinerant performance “Persae”.
Saturday 5 July, in Sannicola (Le), in Salento the company will present the site-specific staging-in National Première- of the international and multi-language performance “Persae”.

Directed by Fabio Tolledi, the work is based on Aeschylus’ tragedy “The Persians” and on Jean Genet's text “Four hours in Chatila”. This staging of the performance “Persae” will see the participation, together with Astràgali’s company, of a group of actors and actresses selected and gathered in more than one year of intensive work. The Italian actors will play with actors coming from Albania, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, France.

The performance is part of the activities of the project “Front- frontier- dynamics of inclusion of the other in theatre”, promoted by Astràgali Teatro and supported by the programme “Culture 2007” of the European Union, that successfully took place in the above-mentioned countries, representing another step of the long work of Astràgali Teatro’s practice and research on Euro-Mediterranean inter-cultural dialogue.
«Persae»: Perdus, Persi, LostsBack in Salento, birth place of this 26 year-old theatre, “Persae” will be presented in an open space, on the hill of San Mauro, closed to the sea.
A proximity with the Mediterranean which is crucial for this land and this work. This Mediterranean sea, unceasing flow of men and women escaping from misery and war. “Clandestine existences” that often disappear in these waters, leaving no trace, in the constant tragedy of migration. “Persae” speaks about this woeful mankind. Yet in the title the performance expresses its sense. The Persians are, defeated, killed in the naval battle, their bodies massacred, slaughtered in the sea, all lost. Almost none comes back. “Persae”, persi, perdus, lost.
The performance, is a reflection on conflict as a principle of destruction, on frontiers as principles of separation of the individuals, on migration. Migrant people that cross frontiers, migrant bodies getting lost in the sea/frontier. This drama by Aeschylus is the most ancient tragedy we have in full. It is a fundamental work for his choice to tell the story on the defeated side. The assumption of “the enemy's sight” permits the confrontation with the otherness, and gives the possibility to understand and show the point of view of the other.
From 25 June a blog will be activated on Astràgali’s web-site www.astragali.org, following the preparation phase of the performance.

«Persae»: Perdus, Persi, LostsThis event in Salento is realised in collaboration with the Councellorship for Community Politics of the Province of Lecce, the Municipality of Sannicola, ForPuglia; under the auspices of the International Theare Institute of UNESCO, and of the campaign for Intercultural Dialogue “1001 Actions for Dialogue” promoted by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation.
Immediately after the Italian Premiere the international company will move to Cyprus.
There the performance “Persae” will be presented, in co-production with the Cyprus Centre of International Theatre Institute, in the framework of the prestigious International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama. Three performances are foreseen: 18 July- Paphos Ancient Odeon; 20 July-Curium Ancient Theatre, Limassol; 21 July-Makarios III Amphiteatre, Nicosia.

Direction: Fabio Tolledi
Assistant director: Ivano Gorgoni
“Persae”’s cast: Eleftherios Charellis, Christina Constantinou, Mara Constantinou, Gaetano Fidanza, Lenia Gadaleta, Vasiliki Georgiadou, Christos Georgiou, Victor Jacono, Enton Kaça, Diomedes Koufteros, Francis Leonesi, Laura Lutard, Iula Marzulli, Eleonice Mastria, Manuela Mastria, Helena Naaman, Antonio Palumbo, Roberta Quarta, Fatima Sai, Efthymios Shiafkalis, Serena Stifani, Lydia-Christina Spyratou, Camille Thomas.
Photos: a cura di Fabio Tolledi

Via Giuseppe Candido 23- 73100 Lecce (Italy)
Tel. + 39 0832 306194- 301823


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