Like a man on earth, Italy


Like a man on earth, ItalyGiving voice to the Ethiopian refugees living in Rome, the film provides a direct insight into the brutal ways in which Libya, aided also by Italian and European funds, is operating to control the immigration movements of people from Africa. “Come un uomo sulla terra” is a journey of pain and dignity, through which Dagmawi Yimer voices his memories of unthinkable human suffering to denounce what appears to be a tragic political and humanitarian situation. In this respect both Italy and Europe share responsibilities for this situation and should be made accountable for it.
The film is part of a project initiated by Alessandro Triulzi entitled The Archive of Refugees’ Memories that has been developed in 2006 by Asinitas, centre for the education and care of refugees, in collaboration with ZaLab, a collective of film makers specialized in participatory video and social documentaries, and with the help of the audio-visual Foundation AAMOD – “Archivio Audioviso del Movimento Operaio e Democratico”. The educational activities organised by Asinitas Onlus have been supported by the joint effort of Lettera 27 Foundation and Tavola Valdese.
“Like a man on earth” is now available in bookshops, a special edition including the film subtitled in 5 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, German and French) and an inedited book of testimonies collected in the Archive of Migrants Memories.
The DVD, edited by Stefano Collizzolli ( ZaLab ), includes 50 minutes of special contents, with a short film by Dagmawi Yimer, a photo gallery by Gabriele Del Grande and an abstract of a audio-documentary by Roman Herzog, both resulting from a reportage realized inside Libyan detentions centers in November 2008. The initiative is sponsored by Amnesty International , Italian section. Earnings from the sales will sustain life of the film characters and support social and cultural activities of Asinitas Onlus and ZaLab .

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