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Kairos at the Biennial of Young Artists


Kairos at the Biennial of Young ArtistsBari, Puglia, 22-31May The XIIIth edition of the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean has adopted the theme of «KAIROS: our creative diversity » for its 13th edition.

The Sinti of Prato welcome refugees


sinti prato 110"We have always fought for equality, to combat xenophobia and for the right to a dignified life for all. As citizens of Italy and Prato (which we are), as Europeans and as Sinti, we can not continue to look with indifference to what is happening", says the president of the comunity, Ernesto Grandini.

The Radiodervish in Search of Simurgh


The Radiodervish in Search of SimurghHow to define best the music of Italian group Radiodervish? The quote of Kabbalist El Ramak they made completely theirs “…people on earth are birds with various plumages, each with their own music and their own song …”. Their latest CD, In Search of Simurgh is a fascinating project inspired by literary work “The Conference of the Birds” by the 12th century Persian author Farid ad-din Attar.