«athens», © babelmed

«athens», © babelmed

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Olympic legacy


Olympic legacyThe legacy of the Olympic Games a year on has become a hot issue. The prospect of multi-million Euro stadiums and facilities slowly falling into disrepair after just a few weeks use is galling, even for the Games’ most ardent supporters. Beneath these issues, however, there are some groups of people that were directly affected by the building work that went on for the Games. A group of 50 Roma or “Gypsy” families some of whom had lived on a site in the suburb of Maroussi for over thirty years was moved on in an agreement with the local municipality in 2002 to make way for the Olympic coach park next to the main athletics complex.

Apokries - The Greek Carnival


Apokries - The Greek CarnivalTruth and lies, masks and veils. From colourful floats satirising world leaders to rhyming verses criticising ones neighbours, the carnival or apokries is a short time when social conventions are broken and fantasies briefly emerge.

12th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


12th Thessaloniki Documentary FestivalMarch 12 – 21, 2010