Athens Video Art Festival

The Athens Video Art Festival , festival of digital arts and new media, invites you to participate and present your work on 6-8 May 2010 in Athens.
Athens Video Art Festival
Athens Video Art Festival is Greece’s official festival on video art and meets the requirements of people from the full spectrum of creativity. Through its versatile action Athens Video Art Festival constitutes a field of promotion and a link between the artists and the audience inside and outside Greece.

The main goal remains the expression through a versatile cultural event open to any form of expression of the digital creation.

Main Categories:

Video Art, Animation, Video Installation, Installation, Digital Image, Web Art, Performance Art.

There is an optional thematic for the 2010 call:

With “Feel Free to Feel Green” as a starting point, Athens Video Art Festival will present art works that analyses the relationship between the modern human and the environment. Athens Video Art Festival invites contemporary artists to submit their own views on current ecological and environmental issues through their works. With public awareness as main objective, the eco-sensitive works of all the categories of Athens Video Art Festival will all meet in a special three-day event and address a wide public interested in new media.

The Athens Video Art Festival is organized by the Urban Non Profitable Company Multitrab Productions.

Deadline for submission: 15th February 2010

Entry forms and information can be found at

Additional information & clarifications:


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