International Prize for Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage

  International Prize for Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage The International Prize for Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage is open to all authors, filmmakers, television bodies and production organisations who, through their programmes or artistic activity, partake in cultural exchanges between countries of the Mediterranean basin in a wider sense, from the coasts of the Atlantic to the Black Sea. The works presented deal with subjects related to the culture, heritage, history, societies and life of men and women of Mediterranean countries. They may not contain any form of advertising features or propaganda. Each work can apply only for one category, this choice should be clearly indicated in the application form. Registration to the Prize is free.

The two Phases of the Competition:
- France, Marseille: Call for programmes.
From June 22 to 26, 2007: films selection for the final phase.
Imperative deadline for subscribing and sending the films: June 3rd, 2007.
- Italy, host City: International Jury in session, public screening of the winning films,
meeting and debates about the finalist films, awards ceremony.

Five official prizes will be awarded to the competing programs:
- CMCA "Mediterranean Challenges" Grand Prize (Worth 6000 €)
This prize is awarded to the best film (documentary or reportage) on a current Mediterranean
topic. It identifies works that foster a better understanding of the present situation in the
Mediterranean area. It rewards the filmmaker’s ability to question and relate current events as
well as to be attentive to the protagonists.
- "Memories of the Mediterranean" (Worth 5000 €)
This prize is awarded to the documentary which, in its treatment, with or without archives, most
successfully places historical events into a present day context, connecting individual or collective
history of the men and women of the Mediterranean and its symbolic locations.
- "Mediterranean Prize "First Creation" (Worth 5000 €)
The prize recognizes the talent of a filmmaker who made no more than three documentaries.
Works produced as part of a school or training course will also be able to participate.
- "Art, Heritage and Cultures of the Mediterranean" (Worth 5000 €)
This prize rewards the documentary that best helps to highlight the artistic expression (music,
fine arts, performing, visual arts), heritage (site, monument, work of art, archaeology,
architecture) and any other expressions of the Mediterranean culture (folklore, tradition).
These Prizes reward both the directors and screenwriters of the programs.
New Category – THE FARO D’ORO
This prize rewards the best TV magazine on a Mediterranean subject and dealing with current
affairs (society, geopolitics, environment, economy, culture). It takes into account the quality
of the magazine conception; its work of investigation, its contents, and the way it is presented. International Prize for Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage Special Prizes
New Award – JURY’S SPECIAL AWARD (Worth 5000 €), all categories together.
This prize could reward a film particularly distinguished by the Jury members and which has
not already been rewarded in the five official categories.
Among the finalist works, three broadcasting prizes could be awarded:
- "RAI TRE Mediterranean" Prize, all categories together.
- "ENTV Mediterranean" Prize, all categories together.
- "RAI SAT Cinema Mediterranean" Prize, all categories together.
These prizes will be awarded by unquestionable decision of the TV channels spokespersons. The
broadcasting of these winning works will be specifically agreed between the channel and the
authors of the winning film.

Selection Committee and International Jury
The Selection Committee and the International Jury are composed of audiovisual professionals
and spokespersons of Euro-Mediterranean organisms. The Selection Committee and International Jury are supreme, and their decisions are final. The Selection Committee meets in Marseilles and its members are appointed and jointly agreed by the CMCA and RAI. The members of the Selection Committee for any given year may not be members of the International Jury during the same year.
The International Jury meets in Italy and its members are appointed an jointly agreed by the CMCA, RAI and the host City. Decisions are taken by the majority of members If the majority has not been met by the third ballot, the president has a casting vote. The Jury may not award ex aequo prizes.

The presented works:
- shall be produced after January 1st, 2005 for documentary and after January 1st, 2006
for reportage and magazine;
- may not have already been submitted at a previous edition;
- in case of a documentary in more than one episode, only one of these episodes can be
- within the framework of the “Faro d’Oro”, only two issues can be proposed for a single
- in case of co-production, the programme may only be entered into the competition by one of
the producers, with prior agreement from its partners. The name of all co-producers must be
included in the application form.

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