Teleport Cities on the Edge

Teleport Cities on the Edge Two enclosed seas but yet sources and so rich in civilizations.
Two enclosed seas wanting to open up one to another… The starting point, Marseilles, the Greek one, ultimate flagship of South desperates. The finishing point, Gdansk, full of « Mittle Europa » impeded history, at stake of antagonist ambitions of German and Russian empires, nevertheless which embodies Polish revolt at the emergence of Solidarnosc. Finally, this course, this adventure is A part of TELEPORT, the touchstone, like jasper and gold, will reveal "to the world"CotE projects. TELEPORT is the future Cities on the Edge Network virtual space, the real and virtual channel for linking cities to regular and artistic meetings.

Human adventure
From the Mediterranean to the Baltic Marseilles - Gdansk : 1st TELEPORT LAZNIA Center of Contemporary Art Gdansk invitation to take part of a real « on line » test meeting Cities on the Edge (CotE) partners, could not be a simple artists and sound or image or internet technicians, to create a common virtual space on a sharing and friendship cyberspace limited.
The CotE philosophy would badly arranged with a « fancy-dress» meeting, not very representative of the Edgy Attitude, to prefigure one of the emblematic projects launch. The opportunity would be so good to give birth to this by meetings. Certainly in meeting our network partners but also people on the road attracted by noise.
Connecting Gdansk from Marseilles by caravan on the road (car + scoot) with major stops and … :
- Bremen in Germany, city-state of former hanseatic league and CotE partner;
- Gdansk and the LAZNIA cca ;
- Some other cities of the whim of meetings and appointments.

The project content
caravan adventure will be use as excuse to events, meetings, rencontres…
This first adventure will be filmed to be the pilot, the first opus of series which could take place anywhere, in network cities or elsewhere, near or far places, in the distance or in the neighbourhood. The movie will be made in live, concealed or hidden camera will grab the trip impressions, caravan life but also road faces « on the edge ». At different stages and stops, some interviews will be inspired by people met well known but above all unknown, offbeat talks but human and user-friendly. These filmed material works recorded will be subject of:
- Reviews at regular media
- Accounts for teleport site
- Available documents for MP2013 site
- Film making recounting this story

Caravan Teleport Cities on the Edge

Before driving away to these 4.700 Km road, artists make the caravan :
-Mercedes 190 will be completely tuned
-Blue light under chassis
- D A N C E on the vehicle roof (put down at each stop) answering to red letters ;
- Leopard simili coat interior calling to mind an african rise,
- White exterior to complete three –colored aspect;
- Logo « Everything alright» put on bonnet,
- Marseilles Provence 2013 lateral logos,
- private or institutional sponsors.
the vehicle is a real master piece of art which cannot be unseen.
the Triporteur is fit by a telescopic user-friendly space and a 400W sound system as well as a video
That is with this mobile and motorized piece of art, put down the Regional Contemporary Art
collection inventory, fit with « Check Point Charity » installations, part of exposition ‘Marseille Artistes Associés’ exposition that we are going to invite some new friends to share our road trip and making a user-friendly event at each stop. Journey will be filmed and accessible on M13TELEPORT website, in progress.

Friendly background
We have already agreed on support to our « Teleport Marseille 2013 » project with some mediatic well-known figures of the city :
- René Mazzarino, alias Jali MC, Massilia Sound System music group singer.
He gives us exclusiveness of video clip making « La mer est bleue » we will translate in english, german and polish which will be show as karaoke.
- Rudy Ricciotti exclusive interview, MuCEMnational museum of European and Mediterranean
Civilizations- laureate architect;
- Marc Rosmini philosopher who has just published a book « Marseilles revealed by contemporary art» ;
- Rachid Zeroual, fans group president, South Winners from south kop of velodrome stadium.
- And others, hoping for the moment handle suspense to make more big effects...

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