FIDMarseille 2010 – Call for Films

FIDMarseille 2010 – Call for FilmsThe 21st Edition of the FIDMarseille , international documentary festival will take place from the 7th to the 12th of July 2010 in Marseilles, France.

The documentary genre is at the centre of the FIDMarseille’s artistic choices. The aim is to promote cinema by presenting films to broadcasters, the media and the public. Championed like an art of testimony with no requirement as to format, the festival welcomes films and artists who play with the transversality of the arts. Three years ago, the festival took the decisive step of welcoming in the official selection fiction films alongside documentaries.

In 2009, FIDMarseille presented about 140 films, for the most part these were films making their international premieres in a rich program made up of the official selection (international competition, national competition, competition of first films), parallel screens, round tables, etc.

Registration for the official film selection of the 2010 edition is open until the 19th of March (via CCF – Centre Culturel Français, Beirut: Feb 26, 2010).

The films can also be sent be the Mission culturelle française, French Cultural Center (CCF), Beirut. Please indicate clearly the Festival destination. Deposit Address of copies, before February 26, 2010:
Bénédicte HAZE - Chargée de mission cinema 
Mission Culturelle Française au Liban - Espace des lettres - rue de Damas - Quartier du Musée – Beyrouth 
Tel: +961 (0)1 420 243 
Mobile: +961 70 236 452

Films can be registered online at:
14 allée Léon Gambetta
13001 Marseille
tel / fax : +33 (0)4 95 04 44 90 / 91


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