Festivals in France

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Roma: the infernal apparatus of expulsions


Rom: l’ingranaggio infernale delle espulsioni | babelmed | cultura mediterraneaAugust 27, 2015: "Good morning friends, I have just enough time to write these words to ask for help from those who can come here. In a completely illegal way, over a hundred military members are about to throw us into the street. Who may come, please do come, at least to be on our side at this time of immense danger and to protest. We are not animals." This cry of alarm has been launched by Jozsef Farkas, a young Roma from the oldest bidonville of Seine-Saint-Denis, when the security forces intervened to dismantle the Place du Samaritain. The petition he had launched on social networks fifteen days prior to avoid deportation had already obtained 37 thousand subscriptions in the meantime. In vain.

In France, a chart for the rights and dignity of the Roma and more...


carta 110About thirty organizations (associations, collectives and trade unions) have decided to react to the proliferation of expulsions and evacuations of the groups of people who live on the streets, especially in the slums, by developing a "charter for the respect of the rights and dignity of those who 'occupy the land'."

”Voyage to the Mediterranean”


”Voyage to the Mediterranean”Saint Nazaire, until the 31th of December 2008.Escal’Atlantic embarks its passengers on a voyage around the Mediterranean Sea, towards the shores of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy.