The Estates GenerOUs of video art, Marseilles


The Estates GenerOUs of video art, Marseilles 2013 will be the 50th anniversary of video art
In 1963, Nam June Paik made a founding act, with the exhibition of thirteen distorted TV sets (Music/Electronic Television) in the gallery Parnass in Wuppertal, Germany
In order to celebrate this special event Instants Vidéo will be organising the Estates GenerOUs of Video Art

Where does video art come from ?
What about video art today ?
Where is video art going ?

In 2013 Marseille will be European Capital of Culture
The 2 schedules shall give the event the magnitude it deserves.
Instants Vidéo are inviting all the video and multimedia artists, all the curators, all festival directors (and directors of other exhibition spaces), all video art historians (and other observers), all distributors, all teachers, all students, all thinkers, all passers-by, all friends, all john does, all specta(c)tors, all youngsters, all poets of verb, of image, of sound, of gesture, of sight... to send us their happy, surprising, activist, utopian, serious suggestions.
Instants Vidéo are looking for texts, photos, films, testimonies, sound recordings, manifesto, tell the story (the stories) of worldwide video art (1963-2013)
contact :

For further information :
Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques
Friche la Belle de Mai
13331 Marseille Cedex 3
Tel administration : 04 95 04 96 24
Tel Marc Mercier : 06 64 16 96 30





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