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Teleport Cities on the Edge


Teleport Cities on the Edge 19th of April – 1st of May 2008, Marseilles - Breme -Gdansk« From the Mediterranean to the Baltic » is an artistic road story that build bridges between two seashores and two Europes.

Crowdfunding in the Mediterranean: humble but promising beginnings


xxx yyycrow 110According to a study conducted by the Financement participatif Méditerranée (FPM) association, this type of “popular patronage” is still underdeveloped in the Maghreb countries. Funds collected so far through crowdfunding reach just 200,000 euros in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. But it is a growing market, tells Maghreb Emergent. (Ebticar/Radio M)

Rights Groups Call for Durable Solution for Europe’s Migrants


human 110Human rights groups are calling for a sustainable solution to the migrant crisis in Europe, especially following the dismantling of refugee camps in Paris and Calais, France, over the past two weeks.