Radio Orient on Babelmed

  Radio Orient on Babelmed has a new partner, Radio Orient. Simply click on the logo of the radio and you will be able to listen to the news in Arabic or French as well as various cultural programmes and the Top 10 of the best Oriental songs of the week, every saturdays at 2 p.m.

Radio Orient is born in 1982 during the big boom of the « free radios » in France. After 20 years of work, the radio has major success among French- Arabic and French-Muslim public. It represents more than 6 millions of persons, plus French people of non Arabic origins but that are interested in the culture of their neighbours.

First « sectarian » radio according to records, its main goal is to promote a tolerant and modern message of Islam that could go along with the secular and republican shape of the French society.

The programming both in Arabic and French wants to link the French communauties to other citizens from different origins.
Radio Orient also wants to strengthen the ties between the two borders of the Mediterrean.

Radio Orient on Babelmed Sites/Fréquences/Zone de Couverture

PARIS / FM 94.3/ Ile-de-France
BORDEAUX/ FM 106.4/ Région bordelaise
LYON/ FM 106.7/ Région lyonnaise
ANNEMASSE/ FM 92.7/ Haute-Savoie, Lausanne
Pays de Gex, Genève
LONDRES/ Câble 107.45/Région de Londres
NICE/ AM 1350/ La Côte d’Azur
NÎMES/ AM 1602
BEYROUTH/ FM 88.7/ Grand Beyrouth
Egypte - Alexandrie
TRIPOLI/ FM 88.3/ Liban Nord
DEIR-AL-ACHAER/FM 88.3 /Syrie - Damas
Jordanie - Amman
Jerusalem - Jaffa


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