Everything is Gonna Be Alright

  Everything is Gonna Be Alright When Egyptian filmmaker, Tamer Ezzat, arrived in the US in 2001 the only project he had in mind was his short film “The Decision.” which he was working on not far from the World Trade Center. This project was disrupted by the 9/11 attack. So, Ezzat shifted his attention to making a documentary about Egyptians living in New York at this time. That film “Everything is Gonna Be Alright!” will now be screened at the American University in Cairo on June 30, 7pm in the Jameel Center Auditorium. Ezzat’s documentary revolves around interviews with four Egyptians living in New York at the time of 9/11, all of whom have a link with the media, and in particular radio and television, in one way or another. They discuss the influence of 9/11 in their personal lives and the role of the American media in shaping a negative public opinion of Arabs. This 80 minutes documentary film touches on issues concerning the Arab community in the United States.

Tamer Ezzat originally graduated as a Physics/Electronics Major at the American University in Cairo. As a freelance editor, he worked for directors Yousef Chahine, Yousry Nasrallah and Ateyyat El Abnoudy. In 2001, he received a Fulbright fellowship to study at the Center for Advanced Digital Applications at New York University, earning a Certificate in Digital Special Effects. At the same time, he pursued a diploma in film directing at the New York Film Academy. His short film "The Decision", which he eventually completed, was screened at the 2002 Arab Film Festival in Beirut. Since returning to Cairo in 2002, he has directed and produced documentaries and feature stories for Orbit TV. “Everything is Gonna Be Alright!” was screened in New York & Atlanta in February 2004, and was screened at The National Festival for Egyptian Cinema in April 2000.

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