PhotoCairo 3

  PhotoCairo 3 A growing number of contemporary artists are drawn to the potential of photography, video and film to offer unexplored possibilities for expression and engagement within the dynamics of visual cultures. PhotoCairo was launched in 2002 as a platform for this budding movement and as a space for exploring alternatives to conventional uses of the reproducible image. This year’s programme offers a series of exhibitions, screenings, panel discussions, presentations and workshops that reflect the diversity of approaches and media contributing to the region’s ongoing and unprecedented paradigm shift in artistic practice.
PhotoCairo 3 explores the ways in which artists challenge, employ and re-imagine the reproducible image as a vehicle for positioning individuals and institutions within national, cultural, socio-economic and ideological contexts. By presenting a multiplicity of artists’ positioning strategies, PhotoCairo 3 aims to transcend geographic boundaries to create an international platform for the debate surrounding contemporary visual cultures. The event is curated by Hala Elkoussy, Aleya Hamza and Maha Maamoun
PhotoCairo 3 is a collaborative initiative of the Townhouse Gallery of contemporary art and the Contemporary Image Collective.

Overview of Events

Ursula Biemann
Christoph Büchel
Giovanni Carmine
Fernando Sánchez Castillo
Osama Dawod
Iman Issa
Emily Jacir
Basim Magdy
Jean-Luc Moulène
Rana El Nemr
Wael Shawky
Akram Zaatari

- Series of film programmes curated by Rasha Salti and organized in collaboration with CinemaEast Film Festival, including works by:
Eli Yazbeck, Sobhi el-Zobeidi, Mireille Eid Astore, Rabih Mroue, Malek Bensmail, Ahmed Zir, Maysoon Pachachi, Jean Pierre Lledo, Sepideh Farsi, Jack Janssen, Salma El Torzy, Cynthia Choucair, Oleg Tcherny and Ozan Adam.
- Memory, Identity and Social Order: Selected Video Works Curated by Hala Elkoussy, including work by:
Igor Sevuk, Meiro Koizumi, Stefanos Tsivopoulus, Jill Majid, Mieke Van Der Voort, Narda Fabiola Alvarado, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Julika Rudelius and Fernando Sanchez Castillo.

- Interventionist Art: the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life by Gregory Sholette
- The Use Value of Art and Political Art Practices by Stephen Wright
- On Collecting and Stitching by Akram Zaatari
- A lecture that tries to speak of images but ends up being concerned with something else )by Hassan Khan
- A Reading of the Contemporary Arabic Music Video Clip by Emad Mabrouk

- Welcome to the Blogosphere and Beyond
- Constructional Position and Architectural Omission as Political Statement

- Poster Design by Ali Ali
- Ana (Myself): Photography and Self-Representation by Susan Hefuna
- Reading News Photographs: Skills for Visual Literacy and Critical Thinking by Jihan Ammar Babelmed editorial team

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