MAAT Movement for Egyptian Contemporary Art

MAAT Movement for Egyptian Contemporary ArtThis contemporary dance workshop is organised by MAAT Dance, the first Independent Contemporary Dance Company in Cairo, active in Egypt since 1999.

The activities since have been in the form of dance creations, performances, lectures on dance and workshops given by Karima Mansour (Artistic Director) of MAAT Dance as well as prominent artists, dancers and choreographers from Europe, invited for the purpose of sharing their expertise, experiences as well as being faced with a different cultural context like Egypt and how artists work within this environment. Thus, leading to a real two way cultural exchange!

MAAT MECA wishes to continue with it's work as well as extending it's efforts even further to different art domains and disciplines from different independent artists in the country who are busy with developing their work within the given context we all work in.

Hoping that it would lead to artistic collaborations, enriching experiences, learning from each other, eventually enriching the dance scene in particular and of course strengthening the very relevant independent art scene in Egypt while giving more credibility to Egyptian artists inside and outside.

In February 2008 Dance Workshop organized by Karima Mansour and lead by:

Filippo Armati (Switzerland): MAAT Movement for Egyptian Contemporary Art
He graduated from Bologna university,(Italy) in Arts and Philosophy. He studied dance with various teacher before being admitted to Laban Centre in London. He started his career in London as an interpreter before moving to Berlin where he had various collaborations with (Felix Ruckert Cie, Heike Hennig, Nir De Volff). He started with his own creations in 2003 with 'Tc-no' and others followed every year: Indancities (2004), My Life As An Art Piece (2005) and Made Da Fe’ (2006). Last year he carried out a 7 months research,( in Montpellier with various invited artists such as Jerôme Bell, Mark Tompkins, Jonathan Burrows. 'My Life As An Art Piece' received a choreography prize in 2005 and participated in various festivals all around the world.

About this workshop which take place in Cairo from the 26th January to the 7th February, he says :
”This workshop focuses on how it is possible to learn through choreography and dance.
It is a meeting where I will try to share different notions of movement, and how it is possible
to create a new idea out of movement and vice versa.”

For more information: MAAT Movement for Egyptian Contemporary Art
MAAT Dance and MECA:

For those of you interested in participating in the workshops and knowing the time and place where and when they will be held, please contact:
Skype: maatmecakarmaz

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