Collages by Dina El-Gharib

Dina El-Gharib shies away from the role of artist, describing her practice as an escape from the banalities of everyday experience through the immediacy of creative expression.
Collages by Dina El-Gharib
Mixed Media
“Collage” presents a series of mixed media works in which the artist adopts a naïf style, a colorful palette, and eccentric forms to capture something of her native city of Cairo: a kaleidoscopic vision of the city, caught in passing from the corner of the eye. The works combine painting and media clippings to create a distinct yet familiar vocabulary playing on a range of visual motifs available in Cairo and drawing on such diverse sources as traditional architectural ornament and popular film: a space in which a lived experience of place is essential to art practice.

Dina El-Gharib was born in Cairo in 1965, where she continues to live and work. Solo exhibitions include Proposal for Gezira Arts Center, Cairo (2007); the Townhouse Gallery (2004); and Swiss-Arabic Cultural Center, Zurich, Switzerland (2003). Group exhibitions include 4 Women –Egyptian Cultural Center, Vienna, Austria (2007); The 29th National Exhibition, Art Palace, Cairo (2005), Contemporary Egyptian Art, Sarajevo, Bosnia/Herzegovina.




On until 5 of march , first floor. The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo.

Gallery hours: 10 am - 2 pm, 6-9 pm; Friday 6-9 pm; closed on Thursday
10 Nabrawy Street, off Champollion Street | Downtown, Cairo—Egypt |
Phone/Fax: +202 2576 80 86





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