Egyptian Glass Art: Zakareya El-Khonnani


Unity & Variation
Egyptian Glass Art: Zakareya El-KhonnaniWhen we say "Glass Art " the name of Zakareya El-Khonnani, in Egypt and the Arab world, naturally pops up to the mind. This is still true to many generations nearly eight years after his death in 2000. His far reaching art intimately entwining with the Egyptian character and personality, in both inspiration and expression, is evidence of remarkable development efforts and creativity in art glass with a distinctive modernist touch.

The wife of this pioneer, Dr. Aida Abd El-Karim, is deepening the lines he had drawn and the trends he had already set in glass sculpture and kiln-formed glass : the respect of our Egyptian spirit, the development of natural artistic sense and the use of genuine techniques.

In this exhibition, artists and glass art enthusiasts are displaying their work which sparkles with originality. It varied, yet united within Zakareya El-Khonnani School of Glass Art.

Egyptian Glass Art: Zakareya El-Khonnani• Zakaria El-Khonani
• Aida Abd El-Karim
• Abdallah Abdel Kader
• Ashraf Farag
• Heran Awad
• Kalil Aboul Ela
• Magd Abd El-Rahman
• Mona Abd El-Rahman
• Nehal Mahmoud
• Rasha Gaber El-Masry
• Shaaban Abdel Moeity
• Shadia Al-Koshery
• Tarek Hawas
And Mrs. Faiza Abdel Moneim
General Manager of the Galleries and Museums


Unity & Variation
The Glass Sculpture School
Founded by Artist Zakaria El-Khonani
& Artist Prof. Dr. Aida Abd El-Karim
The Exhibition will be open daily until the 8th of March 2008 (Except Fridays)
From 10:00A.M. - 2:00 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.




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