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Court rejects novelist Ahmed Naji's appeal to suspend 2-year sentence


Naji-110A Cairo court rejected Ahmed Naji's request for a stay of execution on his two-year prison sentence, of which he has served six months, on Saturday. (Ebticar/Mada Masr)

Malls, the latest fad in Cairo


Malls, the latest fad in CairoIn the last ten years, Cairo has witnessed a boom in shopping centres and keeps on building more. In The Changing Cultures of Modern Egypt, Mona Abaza, an Egyptian sociologist, focuses on this trend.

Why watching soap operas won't make you rich: A TV history of Egypt


egy soap 110Looking at how TV shows in Egypt have evolved since the Sixties doesn’t just reveal Egypt’s reaction to the way the world has changed and is still changing — it also says a lot about those changes, and in which direction they’re moving.