Khaled Jubran: «Bridge» in Egypt


On May 2008 a new music CD titled 'Bridge' was launched by Al Urmawi center for Mashreq music, Orchestrated and arranged by the Palestinian composer Khaled Jubran.


'Bridge' is a unique music production that brings together 14 different instruments, among which are antique Egyptian traditional instruments, such as Rababa, Kawala, and Arghoul, combined with classical Arab instruments such as Oud, Qanoun Buzuq and percussion. In addition, Western instruments such as Viola Cello Accordeon and Bass were interpolated.

The CD consists of well-known tunes carefully selected from different Middle Eastern traditions, such as Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese. An old tune by Giovanni B. Pergolesi was specially arranged and orchestrated in order to fit the above-described ensemble.

Hence this CD is mostly about bridging - between antique and modern instruments as well as between various Middle Eastern traditions. It can even be considered an innovative bridging over the sustained gap between East and West, as demonstrated in track No. 5.

Bridge was recorded as the final product of a regional music workshop that was implemented by Al Urmawi Centre in Amman in December 2007. The workshop was funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and focused on modern arrangement and orchestration of oriental music. Twelve of the workshop’s participants were involved in the recording.

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