Memory and futurism: between Alexandria and Cairo



ZINC Espace culture multimedia and Instants Video, two cultural organisations in Marseilles together with a number of French and Egyptian artists (Ahmed Salah, Mahamed Essamra, Hadel Nazmy, Islam Kamel, Lamia Moghzy, Mohamed Taman, Mohamed Youssef, renaud Vercey et Bruno Voillot/Collectif Position) have conceived this first festival dedicated to international video art in Alexandria from the 6th to the 13th of December and then in Cairo from the 16th to the 17th.

Memory and futurism: between Alexandria and Cairo
This event is based on the exploration of the roots of video art starting from the futurist manifestos launched by Marinetti and his friends from 1909 onwards and the installation at the CFCC of Disposition , a digital art work dealing with means for memory in Istanbul, Alexandria and Marseilles.

The event includes video projections, encounters on “Cinema, video art and futurism”, two workshops open to young artists and filmmakers. The workshop “Looking for Marinetti” will be animated by Marc Mercier, artist and director of Instant Vidéo and by Giovanna Lista, historian of futurism. The other one, focalising on interactive multimedia publishing will be led by Renaud Vercey and Bruno Viollot, authors of the Disposition together with Mohammed Youssef, multimedia artist.

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