Museums in Egypt

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The Egypt of impossible weddings


The Egypt of impossible weddingsAbout 5 million young Egyptians would like to get married but they cannot. At least one thousand pounds are needed in order to provide for one’s family. The labour «black market» and the corruption to obtain it are growing. There is even a «price list».



MeetphoolMeetphool is a new professional platform where members of the performing arts sector including theatre, dance, circus, music etc. can showcase their work, share professional expertise and build collaborations.

Cairo: curfew and patriotic psychosis


Cairo: curfew and patriotic psychosis Entering Maydan Al Tahrir that has now been occupied for the past 13 days by the opposition asking for President Moubarak’s resignation is much easier than getting out in the evening during curfew. Article published in French in “Maghreb Emergent” on the 6th of January 2011.