Egyptian Revolution

Egyptian Revolution Egypt, the fall of a second dictatorship
It is precisely these two people who chased their tyrants, both gentle, as described by the nostalgic of a moribund Orientalism. It took them 100 days and an admirable determination to accomplish their will.
Egyptian Revolution 25, 28, diary of a revolution
Youssef Rakha, Egyptian journalist, photographer and writer gives testimony of the first two days, 25th and 28th January of the beginning of the Egyptian revolution. This testimony was originally published in Al Ahram online.
Egyptian Revolution Cairo: curfew and patriotic psychosis
Entering Maydan Al Tahrir that has now been occupied for the past 13 days by the opposition asking for President Moubarak’s resignation is much easier than getting out in the evening during curfew. Article published in French in “Maghreb Emergent” on the 6th of January 2011.
Egyptian Revolution What to wear on a revolution
This first question that comes to mind when you’re about to take part in a revolution is: what does one wear to a revolution? Amani Massoud tells us about her experience at the heart of the protest in Cairo.
Egyptian Revolution International media does not escape violence unleashed by Mubarak supporters
Reporters Without Borders unreservedly condemns today’s shocking attacks on BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, Al-Arabiya and ABC News journalists by Mubarak supporters who were reportedly accompanied by plainclothes police.
Egyptian Revolution Egypt: Journalists targeted by police violence, arrests
Reporters Without Borders roundly condemns police use of violence against journalists covering Egypt’s street protests.

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Free at last ???


Free at last ???The question that was imposing itself after the Egyptian revolution was how can artists and cultural operators continue doing what they were doing when the entire environment and premise upon which they have based their work on, has entirely changed?

Yatf: Funding for Independent Cultural Spaces


Yatf: Funding for Independent Cultural SpacesDeadline: 15th of May 2007 Recently, the number of new independent cultural spaces has been on the rise, most of which founded and operated by young artists and cultural operators to meet demands of artists and audiences. Most of these spaces lack the basic funding resources for their running costs and professional staff that assure the sustainability of these spaces. As a respond to these needs, YATF is offering, with the support of Ford Foundation- Cairo office, six grants that can cover either the running costs of these spaces or to renovate or rehabilitee a new space.

1st Edition of the Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival


1st Edition of the Cairo Mediterranean Literary FestivalThe 1st Edition of the Cairo Mediterranean Literary Festival, project of Baad el Bahr Cultural Association will take place in Cairo from the 5th to the 12th of May 2010.