Crossings - a cross cultural project

  Crossings - a cross cultural project One of the most innovative institutions in Cyprus, the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre in association with the Pierides Foundation, the Foundation of the Hellenic World in Greece, the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage in Malta and the Instituto per le Technologie Applicate ai Beni Culturali-Consiglio Nazionale delle Recherche of Italy is hosting the first part of a project entitled ‘Crossings’funded by the European Commission.

This exhibition that pays tribute to the culural significance of the wider Mediterranean region incites the viewer to consider the connection between past and recent phenomena of military, socio-economic and cultural interconnectivity. The ‘Crossings’ project that brings together different partners of the Euro-Mediterranean region will be organising a number of major cultural activitiea and projects that will be exhibited and/or performed in all partcipant countries. The exhibition ‘Crusades: Myth and Reality’ running through February 2005 in Nicosia is a magnificent representation of the crusader movement and the resulting eastern-western influences on the wider Mediterranean region. More than 200 finds including icons, frescoes, architectural sculptures, Knights’ arms, coins and vessels are displayed in an original setting with contemporary multimedia installations in a real life fortress-like structure, designed by the Director of the Centre and also curator of the exhibition, Mr. Yiannis Toumazis. Items and antiquities from more than twenty different museums and private collections have been assembled and organized in thematic entities with particular emphasis on crusader art and religious power, the Knights of St.John in Malta, war technology and the symbols of cosmic power, commercial exchanges in urban centres and naturally the presence of the East in the West.
Gabriella D’Avernas

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