Going Public 06 – The Memory Box in Nicosia

  Going Public 06 – The Memory Box in Nicosia At its fifth edition, the Going Public project develops over 2006 a series of activities and appointments for reflection and research, over six cities identified as “case study” for the event Atlante Mediterraneo: Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Alexandria and Barcellona.
In this project, artists, students, researchers, geographers and sociologists carry out their own research into the chosen topics: the flow of people, economies and cultures.
After a round table at Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (Italy) called “Cyprus Days” and a workshop in Alexandria (Egypt) with “Gudran Association for Art and Development” to implement a rural area near the city, now it’s time to start the third part of the project, dedicated to Cyprus.
Since three years aMAZElab, a cultural lab working on the diffusion and the knowledge of contemporary cultures, is collaborating with artists and architects from Nicosia, presenting them internationally. In this specific occasion aMAZElab has created a project for the city of Nicosia, its inhabitants and their memories, called The Memory Box.

THE MEMORY BOX: “The history of the XX century as told by common people”
The Memory Box is a mobile device which works on the comparison between History understood in official and political version, and the Stories as tales told by those who actually lived through the making of that History.
It is thus a collector and a container of people’s tales, a free space where each of us can recount episodes of our own lives, of our own passions, of our own dreams and frustrations and it is created for all the people of both part of the island.
Given the peculiar aspects of the recent history of the island, the strong interests of the dominant nations which continue to influence its development, and the recent changes brought about by the island’s entrance to the European Union, the Memory Box could be an investigation tool about the repercussions that these external pressures have in the lives of the inhabitants.
So, in Nicosia, people will be asked to contribute with their stories on the big issues concerning the recent history of the island, and their concept of Home, through simple questions, in both languages.
The Memory Box is part of the on-going project Going Public ’06. Atlante Mediterraneo and will work as a cultural “antenna”, with different events, to be held on public places of the city.

________________________________________________________________ Program:

ELEPHTERIA Square – Nicosia (Cyprus)
25 / 30 September 2006
workshop with all citizens from Monday to Friday, h. 10/17
presentation + party Saturday 30th sept. from 7 pm

SARAY Square – Nicosia (Cyprus)
2 / 7 October 2006
workshop with all citizens from Monday to Friday, h. 10/17
presentation + party Saturday 7th oct. from 6 pm

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