“Libertas 58” in Dubrovnik

  “Libertas 58”  in Dubrovnik The Dubrovnik Summer Festival was founded in the early 1950s, when many theatre and music events were springing up all over Europe. However, the idea of combining the renaissance and baroque atmosphere of Dubrovnik and the living spirit of drama and music, actually derived from the intellectual way of life of the city itself, from its living creative tradition, which has bestowed upon Croatian cultural and scholarly history, especially in theatre and literature, many great names and works, and kept it continually in touch with contemporary currents in Western Europe. The beginnings of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival coincide with the intensive trend of organizing
summer festivals throughout Europe, which was searching for a new identity after the traumas of World War II. However, the actual reasons for founding the Dubrovnik Summer Festival are deeply rooted in the energy of the lasting cultural heritage of Dubrovnik, which had been searching for a suitable form of its contemporary creative expression for a long time. “Libertas 58”  in Dubrovnik Last year, among other invitations to the Festival Opening Ceremony was guest performance St Blasius, Blaise, Vlaho at the Matica Hrvatska Days festival in Mostar in June, and the exhibition of photographs by Damil Kalogjera in Zagreb. More than 2000 artists from about twenty countries took part in the 57th Dubrovnik Summer Festival (the USA, Belgium, Brazil, England, Slovenia, Austria, China, Turkmenistan, Russia, Germany, India, Switzerland, France, Albania...), who performed 81 programmes in 16 different venues. (31 plays, 33 concerts, 1 ballet, 9 folklore performances, 7 special events).

For its 58th edition, Libertas has put together an other rich and versatile programme, presenting works of world of music, dance and theatre. From the Sweet Whispering of the Thing a painting-music-and-stage performance to AMidsummer Night’s Dream by the Festival Drama Ensemble in cooperation with Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb or the sounds of India by Purbayan Chatterjee Ensemble/Odissi Dance Group of Kavita Dwibedi…

This year the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is becoming more interactive too. It opens its door for all creative youngsters who want to follow and write about the events. The most creative of them will be published on the Festival’s website.For those we cannot join the event, they can also download podcasts of some of the special events from the new Festival’s Website.

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Libertas in Dubrovnik


Libertas in DubrovnikThe Dubrovnik’s Libertas Summer Festival was founded in 1950. It's actually the largest and most representative cultural event in Croatia: an irresistible outpouring of music, theatre and dance that attracts an all-star line up of international performers and an ever-increasing number of visitors to the unique setting of the indoor and open-air stages of the Renaissance/Baroque city.