‘Zagreb Dox’ 2008

‘Zagreb Dox’ 2008
Wild boar hunt



‘Zagreb Dox’ is an international festival of documentary film that aims to offer the Croatian public a window to contemporary, in particular regional, documentary film production of all topics, running times and production technologies will be held between 28th February and 2nd March in Zagreb.
The festival has three programs - the Regional Competition, the International Competition and the Documentary & Other program.

Some 130 films from more than 30 countries from all over the world will be shown in the program of this year's edition of ZagrebDox. All the screenings and events will be taking place in the city's Student Center. While the BIG STAMP award will be given to the best film among more than 60 films competing in international and regional programs, the SMALL STAMP will receive a young author up to the age of 30. Two new juries have been introduced this year – the Film Critics' Jury and the Amnesty International Jury, which are to award special recognitions to films from competition programs.

Year after year, ZagrebDox have been able to show the best films of the latest documentary production, the winners of major international festivals like 'War/Dance' by Sean and Andrea Nix Fine.



‘Zagreb Dox’ 2008



This year's regional competition program has more films than ever before, as many as 29. Among them are 'Slučajni sin' by Tomislav Mršić and Robert Zuber; 'Interrogation' by Namik Kabil (the writer of Pjer Žalica's 'Days and Hours'), awarded at Sarajevo Film Festival; 'Children from Petriček Hill', the winner of the Festival of Slovenian Film; 'My Friends', an intimate and powerful story of Bosnian filmmaker Lidija Zelović; and the latest films of Branko Schmidt, Nebojša Slijepčević and Irena Škorić.

One of ZagrebDox's most popular programs – Controversial Dox – keeps presenting intriguing documentaries: 'Guys and Dolls' from UK, about men who fall in love with dolls and live with them; 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' denies the generally accepted thesis that humans are to blame for global warning; 'Škorpioni, spomenar' by Lazar Stojanović, about members of a wartime paramilitary unit who made most of the footage themselves. While Robinson Devor's film 'Zoo' about zoophilia, probably the most controversial film in the program, will have its European premiere, Goran Dević's film '3' about war veterans will have its world premiere.



‘Zagreb Dox’ 2008
Son sacrifice


This year two new thematic programs are introducing – 'Music Globe' and 'Fathers and Sons'. The first one includes a series of music documentaries dealing with the relation between music and social changes, for example 'American Hardcore' a chronic of hardcore punk rock in the USA.
'Fathers and Sons' gives us a somewhat different view at the often neglected relationship between fathers and their children.
There is another special theme – a retrospective of Japanese documentaries, selected by Fujiko Asano, Program Consultant of the internationally acclaimed documentary film festival in Yamagata.
The retrospective of the Academy of Drama Arts, selected by Dr. Hrvoje Turković, shows student works of now acclaimed authors.

The purpose of 'ZagrebDox Pro' is to provide an opportunity for film professionals to meet, exchange ideas and experience and establish contacts in order to stimulate regional cooperation and documentary production. Besides MasterClass, the program includes 'Documentary as a Business' workshop, where moderator Paul Powels will teach the participants how to write and present their projects. Pitching Forum with TV editors from all over Europe will take place for the second time, too.


‘Zagreb Dox’ 2008
Guys and dolls


The following recognitions are awarded: the International Panel’s Award for Best Film in the International Film Category, for Best Film in the Regional Film Category, for Best Film by a Young Director (up to 35 years of age) and the People’s Award.



For more information : www.zagrebdox.net



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