Amaria Sedrini’s chic undies

Amaria Sedrini’s chic undies2002: Amaria Sedrini is 40 when she decides to create her own lingerie collection. This is no light decision as Amaria sews since she was 15. “I started sewing when I was very young and I made my first evening dresses for my sister’s wedding.” For the Sedrini family cloth is no trifle, but a family passion. “My mother passed on her artistic vein to me. She taught me everything” specifies Amaria. Her first audacious collection is noticed by fashion representatives. Amaria is notably a pioneer of mixed undergarments. “I want to create a harmony in the couple. I believe that harmonic colours symbolise the couple’s harmony. My creations represent love.” From collection to collection, this creator perfects her art which she presents during numerous fashion shows in France and Europe. The last one, the fashion show at the Hermitage Gantois in Lille in the month of November, revealed a fourth collection inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights. Indeed, in seeking inspiration in two cultures for her creations, Amaria Sedrini manages to link them perfectly. “I draw my inspiration from the Orient while simultaneously re-tracing the history of France, especially the Middle-Ages”. The result: serouals rub elbows with corsets and djellabas harmoniously marry with aniseed green or fuchsia panties. Furthermore, this demanding and aesthetic creator only works with noble fabrics such as silk, satin, velvet and lace. “Today, underwear is always visible. I find that the string downgrades women. I would rather evoke, show without showing…”

Chic and shock
Amaria Sedrini’s chic undiesYet, Amaria’s chic lingerie has often shocked! In fact, at the beginning of her career, she had to face insults and threats by people who judged it immoral for a woman of Algerian origins to create undergarments. But she decided to take on this heavy challenge and to pursue her passion: “Fighting against prejudice isn’t easy. But it doesn’t matter, creating lingerie freed me from the chains of tradition”. And since Amaria likes to upturn conservative stances, she decided to organise a lingerie fashion show at the Hotel Mercure in Algiers. But disrupting the traditions of a country where fashion only includes caftans and wedding dresses isn’t easy. Some journalists accused her of pornography. Worse yet, she learned that she risks two months in prison. But Amaria stood up to this bigotry. She maintained the fashion show under the high protection of the French consulate. Despite these controversies, she denies any attempt to provoke. “I don’t mix religion with art. I only create what I like. Anyways who said that religion forbids to design bustiers?” It takes a lot more to muffle this lace magician!

Sarah Ben Ammar

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