BEJAIA DOCThe Association Cinéma et Mémoire (Cinema and Memory) will be organising the «Bejaia Doc – Documentary Films Encounter» at the Cinémathèque of Bejaia (Algeria). This third edition includes documentary film projections followed by public debates in the presence of filmmakers coming from different backgrounds and having different experiences. For the opening, the film of Dounia Bovet-Woltèche «Les racines du brouillard» (The Roots of Fog) will evoke the memory of Ali Zamoun while «La Chine est encore loin» (China is still far away) of Malek Bensmaïl will bring the Encounter to a close.

The Documentary Films Encounter, organised with the collaboration of Kaïna Cinema Association (Paris), will also be the occasion to bring together cinema professionals, sociocultural animators and interns to reflect upon the importance of perpetuating a training pole which gives the possibility to those who have a passion for cinema to form a view of the world and leave filmed traces.

During the Encounter, the interns of the 2009 class will present their films. The public projections enable the handover between the old and new interns of Bejaia Doc, and also lead to debate on the educational function of the workshop films. In fact, this Encounter will end the first phase of the Creativity Workshop.

The Encounter will take place from the 8th to the 18th of October 2009. Dedicated to the development of the documentary film projects of six interns of the 2010 class, the training workshops offer educational modules such as « writing and theme development », « introduction to video (image and sound) », « theoretical input (film analysis and history of documentary films)”.

Two further training phases are programmed in November/December 2009 (filming) and in February/March 2010 (editing).

The organisation of this workshop is the result of collaboration between :
Cinéma et Mémoire (Bejaia)
Kaïna Cinéma (Paris)
Ateliers Varan (Paris)
Etouchane (Roubaix)

Habiba Djahnine, educational manager, film-maker (Algeria)
Hala Alabdallah, filmmaker (Syria/ France)
Amina Djahnine, filmmaker and editor (Algeria/ Switzerland)
Benoit Prin, filmmaker and editor (France)
Dominique Paris, editor (France)

Dounia Bovet-Woltèche (Belgium)

Cinéma et Mémoire Association
The Association was founded in Bejaia in 2007 by a group of cinema professionals and animators involved in sociocultural associations for more than ten years. The aim of Cinéma et Mémoire is to provide cinema training and to promote culture. One of the main objectives is to create a permanent training centre and an audio-visual resource centre.

Kaïna Cinéma Association
Founded in Paris in 2003 by a group of cinema professionals (producers, film-makers, technicians, actors…). Since then, Kaïna Cinéma has contributed to the development of cine-clubs in various Algerian cities and organised cinema training workshops (The Cinematographic Encounter of Bejaia, cinema criticism, techniques of animation films, documentary film-making, film analysis…)

Abdenour Ziani
Tel : 00 213 771 939 370
Habiba Djahnine


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