4th Edition of the “Rencontres à l’Echelle”, Marseilles

4th Edition of the “Rencontres à l’Echelle”, MarseillesThe 4th Edition of the “Rencontres à l’Echelle” (“Scale meetings”) started on the 5th of November and will last until the 6th of December. This multidisciplinary festival presents the works of several artists working in Algeria or in Marseille, therefore reinforcing the ties between these two cultures. The Festival is organised by Les Bancs Publics , a place of cultural experimentation in various domains of performance arts. For the first time, the event will take place in other venues of partner organisations and spaces.

Exhibitions, performance arts, round tables, readings, conferences, film projections…all arts are explored, thus offering to each and everyone the possibility to discover artists from Marseilles and from Algeria and to focus on the common history from an original perspective.

Among the activities, the exhibition “Images of Algeria” is taking place at the MUCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations in Marseilles) during the whole period of the Festival. It presents 150 black and white photographs taken by the famous French sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu in Algeria between 1958 and 1961.

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