Festivals in Algeria

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Algerian Islamism. The Big Split


alg_band_110If the authorities decided to abandon their electoral fraud practices, the polls of the 10th May 2012 could be double or nothing for the well-established or new Islamist parties. The latter are strongly mobilised and attempt to silence their dissent in order to realise their dream: achieve parliamentary majority.

The Veil in Algeria: a bit of History


The Veil in Algeria: a bit of HistoryIt’s hard to believe that up to the ‘80s most of the passers by in Algerian streets were dressed in Western style or wore the traditional veil, the white haik in Algiers and in the West, the black melaya in the East and the printed version in the South.

The cat and mouse game


The cat and mouse gameThe Algerians are aware of their threat to the state institutions in the aftermath of the Arab Revolutions. They take this as an opportunity to claim housing and employment while waiting for more…