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Sub-Saharan immigration and Human Rights in Algeria


Sub-Saharan immigration and Human Rights in AlgeriaThe activity of Human Rights NGOs thwarted by the lack of means Even though it is constantly increasing, “illegal” Sub-Saharan immigration does not yet seem to be the main concern of the two Algerian Human Rights leagues, the LADH and the LADDH (1). Neither of these two NGOs has, at the moment, launched a campaign to raise consciousness about the situation of irregular Sub-Saharan immigrants, the vast majority of which live in extremely precarious conditions.

Spring in October


Spring in OctoberThe uprising of the 5th October 1988 in Algeria was the most significant event since the independence in 1962. Yet no political responsibility has been assumed so far.

Sub-Saharan Migrants in Algeria


migsub_110The security situation in the Sahel will not improve the image of Sub-Saharan migrants living in Algeria. Already victims of everyday racism and serious violations of their human rights, they will now be suspected of collusion with armed Islamists.